The Jug

Keeping with the WWII tank busting aircraft,

The P-47 Thunderbolt was nicknamed The Jug.

Although not a dedicated Tank Buster like the current Thunderbolt II,

The P-47 Thunderbolt was more a multirole aircraft like the F-16.

Originally designed as a Light Weight fighter it adapted well to a ground attacker.

Some techniques used to attack Panzers were to drop napalm or shoot at the

road and richochet the bullets into the belly.


Drive: 1- 18v DeWalt per side direct drive on high at 24v to 3" Colsons

Control: Futaba Rx to IFI Victors

Power Source: 20- 1950 NiMh FAUP cells

Armor: 3/8"x4"x6" Al angle at a 54degree external angle

Weapon: Center mounted Pneumatic powered lifter/self righter

Build Report 1