Build Photos

The Idea came to me sitting on the freeway,

latter found out SOB beat me to it, but I still like it..

The rough metal a 4"x6"x3/8" Aluminum angle stock.

The 16" chop saw was dull and scary so I made a quick jig.

What a Mess

Cut with Skillsaw

Noisey with hot metal flying

So there is the parts layed out, next step loose some weight.

The proposed internal layout of what I have, the second ESC will face the first.

Piece in mill slots for motor mounts.

This is my first pack I've built, Steve Hill gave me the source for the cells before he was carrying them what great service. These are the 1950 NiMh FAUP cells, I placed toothpicks between the cells to give additional vetilation thru the cells.

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