I was pitted next to Herr Gepounden, and then found out they were my first fight ever. COOL.

We did the normal dancing with my bot constantly stalling (bad radio reception), I also got stuck in the barrier wood a few times, he knocked me loose a couple of times. At one point in the fight he was high sided on my ramp but I was only able to move a half foot forward to the pit (no front drive).

I survived to the end of the match with only a dent and some scratches, Lost by Judges Decision 34-11.

Film of fight from Joe at Deciptibots

Thank You!

This was my first fight Ever Very exciting, I entered the arena never testing the drive. And without my weapon or front wheels tied to the rear. The joysticks I bought that morning because my IFI was defaulted for dual stick drive were very sensitive and I had overestimated the 900mhz by burying the recievier leading to intermitent reception.

I did survive though and am very pleased with how Typhoon took the hits from his Hammer (not a bot I had planned for.)