The morning of the event I purchased some 1/4 carriage bolts to add the wedge to prevent opponents from just going over Typhoon. At the Event Mike Phillips had grade 8 bolts he gave me to install. These worked well in the fight I was able to damage Little Terrors Skirts but not enough to High side him. Little terror got stuck on top of me a few times but once again due to no front wheel drive I was unable to move him to the pit.


After about 90seconds he was stuck on my ramp but had rear traction and begun pushing me toward the pit, when I applied power we were even but when I released power Typhoon would move backwards. We missed the Pit and were stopped by the wall then the fight was paused to disentangle us.

I had lost a chain on my Right side due to the motor shifting and was positioned if I applied power I would pivot into the pit. So I was sitting there pivoting back and forth.

Little Terror moved accidently upto the pit stopping short of it, I pivoted and in he went. A win by TKO!