( Hawker Typhoon- British Ground attack aircraft WW2 )

60lb Bot for combat


Drive: 1- 24v DeWalt modified with Dustin brush holders per side on high geared 2:1 to 3.5" Colsons

Control: IFI 32 with two Victor ESCs

Power Source: 2- 12volt 3000mah Battlepacks in series

Armor: 1/2" 6061 AL milled walls sides, 1" Al milled rear & .071 6-4 Ti Top, Bottom and Wedge

Weapon: 250psi Pneumatic rammer powered by CO2 thru Palmer Regulator


After spending 18 months researching, collecting parts including a Bridgeport Mill and South Bend Lathe,

Team Tank Buster (Don F. Shiver),

was inspired by the Steel Conflict Competion.

Typhoon only 80% done entered combat untested,

Steel Conflict

August 23-25, 2002

First round loss was against Herr Gepounden judges decission.

Learned: Radio needs to be moved

Second Round win against Little Terror TKO.

Learned: Last minute mods help, added bolts to wedge to catch opponents skirts.

Third Round loss against Low Blow judges decission.

Learned: Judges deduct points for freeing other bot.


Typhoon entered into battle without the front wheels powered and no weapon. It performed above expectations and validated its design concepts.

Big Thank You to Gil my father inlaw for helping to finish enough for the event.


August 31, 2002

Team Tank Buster is now completing Typhoon getting it ready for Battle Bots 6.0. I need to now reconsider the .071 Ti it was purchased to meet BB Pneumatics standards for 5.0 of minimum .0625" Ti or Steel around Air Tanks. The new rule sets it at .0925" which will be to heavy for a full top and bottom sheet, adding to the area around the tank only adds to the overall thickness, there is an existing .025" gap between the tank and bots base and top.


Build Pictures

EMail: Don@ValleySolar.com